Press for Lila Rose

"Lila Rose Kaplan's WILDFLOWER pulses with a deeper intensity. The playwright's dexterity glimmers throughout. Second Stage has brought to our attention a young writer we should be sure to watch." -Curtain Up

"Short script has excellent roots, with firm characterizations and graceful dramaturgy that combine to give the text a surprising slickness...On the whole, Kaplan's capper is such a provocative one that it's impossible not to recommend WILDFLOWER" -Variety

"Writer Lila Rose Kaplan assembles five spirited misfits in the Wildflower Capital of Colorado. Kaplan confidently mixes tones... achieving a decidedly unprecious stage poetry" -San Diego Union-Tribune

"Lila Rose Kaplan's WILDFLOWER has gotten as much buzz for the last five minutes of the show than most shows get for their entire run."

"BUREAU OF MISSING PERSONS is a sheer, whimsical delight. It's simply magical...This deliciously unpredictable play is as linguistically and thematically grounded as it is dramatically enchanted." -San Diego Union Tribune

"Lila Rose Kaplan has once again created a bittersweet comedy full of depth, vulnerability and loads of wit and charm. BUREAU OF MISSING PERSONS is a play not to be missed," -Women Around Town

"Inventive and swiftly moving. BUREAU OF MISSING PERSONS is a perfect choice for a summer evening at the theatre."
-Theatre Is Easy

"BUREAU OF MISSING PERSONS is the kind of play that makes me happy to be a critic. -Hi Drama

"DUET, AMY & THE UNICORN, and PANDA PORN are three short and rather sweet little plays that seem to be about people fighting for the last few drops of love left in the world." -Snipe

"ENTANGLED is a pulsating absorbing new play by Lila Rose Kaplan. A provocative, full-bodied 90 minutes packed with wit, drama, and quantum physics. ENTANGLED is an exciting experience." -Casa Santa Barbara

"100 PLANES is beautiful, stylish, and evocative. I love the simplicity and theatricality of the world. Lila Rose has given us a fresh and smart take on the world of women finding their voice and place in the man's world. " -Chay Yew

"If Shirley Jackson had been a playwright she might have come up with something like this. WILDFLOWER is beautiful, mysterious, and ultimately unsettling." -Darko Tresnjak

"WILDFLOWER is a wonderfully mysterious and heart-breaking story of coming of age Lila Rose has a singular voice and an exquisite sense of both story and character. Like all her plays, WILDFLOWER combines a poet's sense of language with wit and wisdom." -Naomi Iizuka


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